Juggling Medications

For the past 18 months, I have been celebrating the reduction of prescription medication. Since installing my spinal cord stimulator from Saluda Medical, I have reduced my pain medication by 50%—honestly, much more remarkable progress than I expected. Below are a picture and infographics about my implant. Saluda Medical Spinal cord Stimular Every three months…

Yes I’m Fine

If I reflect on the past seven years, battling with mobility issues, whatever label you want to put on it. I have been a stubborn arse. I run run run; my body collapses, I run run run, my body collapses. This has happened six times so far, with many, many near misses that I have ‘soldiered on’ despite the leg tremor, increased pain, the addition of a walking stick….

The Story So Far

I’ve been ‘unwell’ in my current state since 2015/16, so seven years of not understanding the ‘WHY’ about my chronic pain, tremors, and functional neurological disorder. Therefore I needed to focus on one avenue to ensure some kind of normality for myself and my family. I’ve focused on pain management for the past seven years,

So I thought I’d write a little blog about the journey so far